2018 black and white tobiano Kentucky Mountain / Spotted Mountain gaited filly.  Naturally gaited that is very smooth but she can also trot and canter beautifully.  Correct conformation and straight legs, currently stands 14.1H.  Ginny is started under saddle.  She is light and responsive to seat and leg cues, has a nice stop on command and is soft and supple in a bozel.  She loves going out on trail rides and will lead or follow.  She isn't spooky  at all and rather explore or approach something than shy away from it.  She loves to go in the water and one of her favorite things to do is eat aquatic vegetation. LOL.  She has a very sweet and willing disposition.  With more time and experience under saddle she will eventually be a beginner or youth horse.  

Rebels Run Gin

  • Eligible for KMSHA / SMHA registration.