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CRR Valyrian Steel is a 2023 blue roan Half Arabian (Quarab) colt. He is by Valerio out of Poco Shady Blue.  I think he is the nicest foals Val was produced yet.  I absolutely love the Arab / Quarter Horse cross.  He has size, substance, correct conformation and a sweet temperament.  His foal coat has shed out to a stunning blue roan color.  I believe he is stallion quality and for the time being he will remain intact.  He is homozygous black and non-agouti.  EE, aa, RN/rn.  


Will be relunctantly offered for sale at weaning.  There are literally no blue roan Half Arabians that I have found on the market.  Don't miss out on owning a uniquely colored Half Arabian that has the temperament and conformation to do just about anything.  

CRR Valyrian Steel

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