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Firefly is a 2019 unregistered Quarter Horse.  She is a rescue mare from someone's breeding program and unfortunately found herself along with 2 other palomino QH mares (including Maya) at a "kill pen".  I acquired her this past April heavy in foal.  Luckily, she was saved and foaled a pretty little roan colt.  Now, that Firefly has weaned her colt and gained some weight back, she is ready to start under saddle.  


Firefly has a very calm disposition and despite virtually no handling she is coming along very nicely.  She leads fairly well and is responsive and soft to pressure.  She will be my fall / winter project horse to get under saddle.  I think she will learn quickly with her natural tendancy to want to please.  For the time being, she is on the sales list but I'd rather get her further along in her training before she goes anywhere.  


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