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RB Djudge Djudy is a 2011 race bred Arabian mare bred by Dianne Waldron.  She is by the well known stallion TH Richie out of a Manganate / Wiking bred mare.  I recently acquired this mare from Tennessee Lane Blouin of Remuda Run.  Tenney generously offered me this to add to my breeding program.  While I generally am focused on breeding QH mares to Val, how could I pass on a mare like this!!!   She is put together like a brick sh*t house.  Incredibly well built standing at 15.3H.  I've wanted to breed Val to her ever since I've seen her.   Tenney got this mare from Garrett Ford and she has produced several VERY nice foals.  So, if you are looking for a a really nice purebred Arabian broodmare.

RB Djudge Djudy

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