2018 Kentucky Mountain / Spotted Mountain Gaited filly. Classic champagne with beautiful sabino markings and excellent conformation. Very sweet and willing, leads, ties, loads in a trailer...she is going to be someone's buddy and steady mount. Naturally gaited and looks smooth. Handled on a regular basis and should be very easy to start under saddle.


DNA tesing has been done on this filly to verify color and genetics.  She is Ea (red factor) , aa (Agouti - black based horse), nZ (carries silver dapple gene), nCh (horse is champagne ), nSb1 (sabino gene - shows sabino markings), nSW1 (splashed white gene), nn for LWO (negative for the lethal white overo gene), and gait analysis is AA - (strong influence to gait). Handled on a regular basis and should be very easy to start under saddle.

Rebels Run Rye

  • KMSHA Pending

    2018 KMSHA / SMHA filly  |  14.3h - 15h at maturity